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Language Arts

Our Language Arts titles, presented in a Caribbean context so that students easily identify with what they hear, see and read, are guaranteed to improve students' vocabularies, writing skills and techniques, and comprehension. Carlong has also ensured that students will be exposed to various Caribbean cultures and, of course, see themselves reflected in the books.

Integrated Studies

Carlong’s pioneering Integrated Studies series, developed in response to Jamaica’s completely integrated curriculum for the first three years of primary school, remains the series of choice for teachers and students. The series is organized around the curriculum’s focus questions and emphasizes concept formation, content coverage, skills development and vocabulary building.

Social Studies

The Carlong Primary Social Studies (CPSS) series offers comprehensive, sequenced coverage of the Jamaica Primary curriculum for Years 4 to 6. Students have the opportunity to explore various aspects of the Caribbean, and the planet as a whole, inclusive of its history, geography, culture, resources and environment, weather and climate, economic needs and industries.

Assessment and Revision

Carlong Integrated Assessment Papers (CIAP) are revisions of the popular Carlong First, Second, Third and Fourth Year Assessment Tests in English and Mathematics respectively, which follow the revised Jamaican and regional curricula and excite young learners with new and fun ways to develop reasoning and problem-solving skills. Accompanying the assessment papers, the Revision Guides thoroughly cover all topics included in the upper primary curriculum, encompassing English, Mathematics, and Science. Lastly, Carlong Practice Papers is a four-book series that prepares grade 6 students for the Curriculum Based Test in the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) exam. They cover the subjects of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.


Introducing Carlong's first leisure reading series, the Sand Pebbles Pleasure Series! Perfect for prescribed and free-time reading, this series includes fiction and non-fiction literature exploring a wide range of themes and reflecting Caribbean life, people and culture. The series is aimed at developing and sustaining the reading habit by providing children with quality publications that will excite their interests, stimulate their imaginations, broaden their experiences and increase their awareness of the cultures of the Caribbean region. Also a part of our Literature collection, Anansesem is a collection of Caribbean folk tales, legends and poems, written by well-known Caribbean writers. This collection of prose and poetry is suitable for both upper primary and lower secondary levels.

Religious Education

The Carlong Primary Religious Education series comprises two core texts for the upper-primary religious education curriculum. They guide and motivate students to adopt and demonstrate positive values and attitudes such as respect, obedience, trust, and tolerance of the views and beliefs of others.


The First Steps in Science (FSIS) Pupil’s Books and Activity Books for Years 4 to 6 provide comprehensive coverage of Jamaica’s Primary Science curriculum with a sound introduction to science as a process and a means of acquiring skills. The books provide a hands-on and investigative approach, while motivating students to enjoy exploring the world of science. Used together, the books are excellent preparation for GSAT, CEE, CPEA and SEA examinations.


Entrepreneurship for Caribbean Students is essential for both students and teachers of CAPE® Entrepreneurship. Arranged according to the syllabus, this text will enable students to master all the subject areas covered in the two units and three modules of the syllabus including growth of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship in the Caribbean, social entrepreneurship, e-commerce and business ventures.


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