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Adventures: Primary Mathematics - Book 2 9789766382148

For Ages: 7-8 years Annette McDonald Diedre Callam Latoya Fagan Alleen Bethune Adventures: Primary Mathematics – Book 2 comprehensively covers the mathematics concepts taught in Grade 2 (students ages 7 to 8) throughout the Caribbean. The children are encouraged, through the use of the ...Read more

  • Description
  • Specifications

For Ages: 7-8 years

  • Annette McDonald
  • Diedre Callam
  • Latoya Fagan
  • Alleen Bethune

Adventures: Primary Mathematics – Book 2 comprehensively covers the mathematics concepts taught in Grade 2 (students ages 7 to 8) throughout the Caribbean. The children are encouraged, through the use of the three monkeys, Max, Mindy and Mikey, to embark on a fun-filled learning adventure that will increase their knowledge and improve their critical thinking skills.

The textbook encourages students to explore, engage, explain, evaluate, elaborate and investigate the content through the varied activities, projects and lessons. The material is carefully crafted for students to make mathematical connections to the world around them.


Organization of the Text

The textbook is organized as follows:
Teacher/Parent Corner - offers important tips on how to assist students with some of the more difficult topics or activities.
Note to the Teacher/Parent - explains how the book is structured.
• Workbook provides additional practice on the core concepts that will challenge students at varying cognitive levels.
• Units 1–15 cover the core concepts in the mathematics curricula. Topics are introduced in various ways to motivate students to grasp the concepts and are supported by ample examples.


Key Features

  • 15 core mathematics units on topics such as Measurement, Geometry, Statistics and Probability, Fractions, Multiplication and Division
  • A workbook at the back of the book for additional practice and assessment (cross-references are made between the core book and workbook)
  • Content with real-life scenarios
  • Useful tips for teachers and parents


Look Out For
On These Adventures – clearly states the objectives of each unit and is given by Max at the start.

Fun Time with Mikey – features engaging activities that will lead the child to be curious and excited about learning. This section sometimes draws on the previous knowledge base to help ready the child for learning.

Adventure Time – is the main course. Adventures are driven by real-life experiences and themes, but remain primarily strand-centred (the main content strands are Number, Measurement, Geometry, Algebra, Statistics and Probability). This section assists in teaching by providing the opportunity to explore and explain concepts.
Please note that there is no glossary but the monkeys, particularly Mindy, give points of information and definitions.

Got It? Got It! – is the assessment exercise which helps to determine and deepen the child’s depth of knowledge.

More Adventures – provides extended learning activities that can be done in class or at home. Students are provided with projects and out-of-class activities that extend learning and provide reinforcement.


The Authors

Annette McDonald is a teacher who has worked as both numeracy and literacy specialist, and classroom teacher at the primary and secondary levels.

Diedre Callam is a teacher and experienced mathematics specialist who currently works in the field of educational publishing.

Latoya Fagan is a teacher with over 5 years of experience in the classroom.

Alleen Bethune is a mathematics specialist with over 20 years of experience at the primary school level.


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