Anansesem: A Collection of Caribbean Folk Tales, Legends and Poems for Juniors – Second Edition

Level: Primary | Secondary

Series Title: General

Subject: English

ISBN: 978 976 638 045 8

Pages: 152

Age Group: 10 – 12 years.

Published: 1985

This delightful anthology of Caribbean folk tales, legends and poems, written by well-known Caribbean writers should be read by every Caribbean child (locally and abroad) for grounding in Caribbean folk traditions as well as for enjoyment. The collection reflects the rich cultural diversity of the Caribbean region as well as the shared experiences typified by Anansi. It provides valuable resource material for language arts and social studies at the upper primary/lower secondary levels. In this second edition, an activity section engages students in lively discussions and other activities which develop their literary appreciation, creative writing and oral communication skills.

Velma Pollard
former Senior Lecturer at the School of Education, UWI, Mona. She is the author of collections of short stories, poems, and a novel, as well as books and articles on Caribbean language and literature. Her novella Karl won the Casa de las Americas prize in 1992.

  • Delightful blend of comic, rhythmic and lyrical poems
  • Humorous tales that capture the fun, wit and cunning of Anansi, Br'er Tiger and other Caribbean folk characters
  • Attractive and humorous illustrations
  • Valuable resource material for the social studies and language arts programmes in primary and secondary schools
  • Copious, creative activities for students
  • Activities encourage research and an aesthetic response to literature and help to develop reading, creative writing and oral communication skills

Look out For:

  • Things To Do and Talk About section at the end of the text

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