Carlong English B for CSEC With Study Guide and Exercises

Level: Secondary

Series Title: Carlong . . . for CSEC . . .

Subject: English

ISBN: 978 976 638 099 1

Pages: 260

Age Group: 14 – 17 years

Published: 2009

Carlong English B for CSEC With Study Guide and Exercises is a revision of the very successful CXC English B ? Study Guide & Exercises. While this edition caters to the requirements of the new syllabus, it also retains the strengths and main features of the previous edition.

The book clearly lays out for the students the demands of the syllabus and also helps to develop in them the skills needed to do well in the examination. Key to the building of these skills is the fact that the student is guided into the process involved in analysing poetry, drama and prose.

As a valuable add-on, this new edition is accompanied by an exciting interactive CD-ROM which seeks to further illuminate aspects of the study of literature that students find particularly challenging. This component adds value and excitement to the revision process.

Sheilah Garcia-Bisnott
distinguished educator, CXC examiner and successful textbook author. She now manages her own school.

Keith Noel
distinguished educator and successful textbook author. He is a former high school principal and teacher of English and Drama at the secondary level. He also served as Assistant Chief Examiner for CSEC® English B. He is a respected theatre director.

Carol Hunter-Clarke
PhD – part-time lecturer in the Department of Literatures in English, UWI, Mona. She has served as a regional examiner.

  • Exciting interactive CD-ROM which enhances the teaching of important aspects of literature.
  • Discussion and analysis of numerous poems (e.g. pgs 30-46 and pgs 49-70), play-texts (e.g. pgs 130-132, 138-143, 147-148) and prose extracts (e.g. pgs 150-179, 192-223).
  • Practice questions for students to complete on their own: e.g. pgs 46, 54, 122, 125, 171, 209 etc
  • Quick quizzes: See pgs 28-29, pgs 85-86 and pg 144
  • Hints and pointers, e.g. Section 9 (pgs 225?228): clearly tells students what Papers 1 and 2 require and how to excel in these Papers.
    How to Write an Essay pgs 72-73
    How to Approach a Poem pgs 70-72
    Creative Ways of Studying the Poems (in Paper 2) pg 48
    The Unseen Poems: see pgs 34-47
  • Glossary of literary terms: see Section 2: The Language of Literary Criticism (pgs 7?23) and Other Terms (pgs 24-27).
  • Glossary of terms and key phrases frequently used in the examination: see pgs 229-230
  • Two simulated examination papers: see pgs 231-244.
  • A comprehensive index: See pgs 244-248

Look out For:

Analysis of set texts.

Questions with suggested responses.

Hints on how to approach Papers 1 and 2.

Hints on how to write an essay.

Exciting interactive CD-ROM


Susanne Roget
Trinidad and Tobago
October 03, 2009
How can I get a copy of this book and what is the cost. Thank you

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