Facilities & Operations Department

Facilities & Operations Manager

The Facilities & Operations Manager will be responsible for the management of services and processes that support the core business plan and strategic objectives and be involved in strategic planning and day to day operations particularly in relation to the properties, motor vehicles and other operating assets.

The Facilities & Operations Manager will provide effective leadership to the Facilities & Operations Team by taking responsibility for staff management, key stakeholders and business relationships, financial and project management.

  • Master’s Degree in Management Studies/Business Administration or equivalent
  • Knowledge of Government of Jamaica operating regulations and laws
  • Excellent negotiation and interpersonal skills.
  • Exemplary time management, planning and organizational skills with the ability to work under pressure, meet deadlines and follow through with details.

Administration Manager

The Administration Manager is responsible for the management & maintenance of the company’s investment properties and its facilities. The Administration Manager is also responsible for the provision of superior customer service to the tenants, the management of all lease arrangements and for providing strong administrative support to the Facilities and Operations Manager.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration
  • Knowledge of Property Management
  • Self-confident and professionally tactful to be able to stand on convictions in the face of opposition
  • Critical Thinking

Operations Manager

The Operations Manager is responsible for managing the properties and maintenance for all assigned locations, overseeing all security matters, and the management of the company’s fleet of vehicles. The Operations Manager will assist the Facilities & Operations Manager in the management of the Department.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration/equivalent
  • Awareness of Electrical, Air Conditioning & Plumbing works
  • Management of Financial Resources
  • Excellent Communication Skills

Facilities & Operations Administrator

The Facilities and Operations Administrator provides general office support to the Facilities Manager and will assist in financial planning, record keeping, billing, the management of personnel and logistics as well as assisting in the development of the company’s infrastructure, especially fleet management.

  • Associates Degree or equivalent
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite
  • Highly developed organization skills
  • Ability to prepare budgets and spreadsheet reports

Building Maintenance Officer

Reporting to the Operations Manager, the Building Maintenance Officer (BMO) is responsible for coordinating and carrying out all maintenance activities for the company’s properties, including repairs and renovations to buildings and electrical and plumbing. The BMO maintains the company’s Fixed Assets Register and supervises the activities of the company’s fleet of vehicles, drivers and sidemen.

Associates Degree or any combination of education, training and experience which demonstrates ability to perform the duties and responsibilities as described.

Knowledge of methods used in maintenance including basic knowledge of carpentry, plumbing, glass replacement, painting, masonry, grounds keeping, appliance repair and electrical wiring; maintenance of hand tools and gas-powered equipment; standard practices and tools used in the maintenance and repair of building facilities; safety practices and procedures related to the building trades; proper lifting techniques.

  • Demonstrates effective use of a variety of hand and power tools.
  • Performs a variety of physical labor including climbing ladders, bending, kneeling, reaching and standing for long periods of time, lifting and carrying boxes, tools, equipment and materials.


Reporting to the Administration Manager, the Receptionist is responsible for attending to visitors and dealing with inquiries on the phone. The Receptionist is also responsible for supplying information regarding the company to the general public, customers and service providers.

  • High School Diploma
  • Knowledge of customer service principles & practices
  • Good communications skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills

Grounds & Maintenance Worker

The Grounds & Maintenance Worker has overall responsibility to maintain the grounds of all locations, ensuring that the physical environment is clean, grounds well-kept and safe. The Grounds & Maintenance Worker also has responsibility for minor construction, electrical and plumbing and to conduct ad hoc assignments as directed by the Supervisor.

  • Primary School Graduate.
  • Must be literate.


Executive, Marketing,
Publishing and HR
Building 3, 17 Ruthven Road,
Kingston 10, Jamaica, W.I.

Distribution Centre
38 First Street, Newport West,
Kingston 13, Jamaica, W.I.

Finance & Accounting
and Facilities & Operations
37 Second Street, Newport West,
Kingston 13, Jamaica, W.I.

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Executive, Marketing,
Publishing and HR

Tel: (876) 960 9364-6 or 920-9972
Fax: (876) 968-1353

Distribution Centre
Tel: (876) 923-6505-7
Fax: (876) 923-7003

Finance & Accounting
and Facilities & Operations

Tel: (876) 923-6505-7, (876) 923-7008
Fax: (876) 923-7003


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